Summer Almost Over

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Hard to believe Summer is almost over. Things have been crazy busy this Summer, that and the extreme heat have lead to many indoor photos. We have stayed busy this Summer with The Steel Toad, our automotive & cycle photography end of the business as well, working on calenders and other promotional pieces for local builders and painters. Growing up with a dad who sold cars my entire life, I have always had a love for beautiful works of art in the form of transportation. Below are just a few of the recent shoots.
We are keeping busy with Senior Photos as well. I have had parents come up to me and tell me they wish they would’ve spent the time and money on getting professional photos of their Seniors when they graduated. Now the kids are off to college and are never around. The Senior Year is a big year in the life of your young adult. Eighteen years of your life invested into this one that is getting ready to head out on their own. We may not be able to freeze time and keep them from leaving, but we can capture a moment of it to cherish for the rest of ours. Don’t give that moment to just anyone with a camera. I could own the top surgical instruments on the market, yet I believe you would not want me to perform your surgery. There is more to taking quality photos than setting your camera on AUTO, so make sure you put your trust in those of us who do this for a living. Call us today to schedule your Senior’s session soon. Yearbook photos are included in the session.

God Bless,

Andrew Isbell
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Studio Open

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Things have been rather busy getting the studio ready to open, and now that it is, things are even busier. We opened the doors on April 2nd, though we are waiting to have our Open House since the renovations used up any funds for a nice party:-)
Our big announcement of what we were putting in the studio, a big dance mirror for all of our ballerinas! We are very excited about not only this, but doing more dance photos all together.
We are already working on our Senior Ambassador’s for 2013, getting their cards made to help recruit their classmates. This weekend is busy, with our semi-annual barbershop convention happening in Battle Creek. If you are looking for something to do, I must tell you that these men can really sing. The quartets compete on Friday night, while the choirs compete on Saturday, both being help at the WK Kellogg Auditorium in Battle Creek.
For those who are fans of NASCAR, we have opening night at Kalamazoo Speedway this Saturday night as well. The Steel Toad has its name on two cars again this season, Chris Shannon’s Super Stock car, and Matt Bainbridge’s Super Late Model. This will be the first year for Matt racing Super Late Model, since Kalamazoo Speedway did away with the Modifieds this year. Let’s pray for a safe season for all the guys having fun out there. If you want more information on the races, check it out at www.KalamazooSpeedway.com.
Here are a few photos of the studio, though we added some window treatments and decals since.

God Bless,



Studio Progress Report

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Okay, so it has been a few weeks since I last posted about the studio. I have been working on hanging drywall and having a very good friend help out with the mudding. Thank you Mark! I attempted to patch a hole in the wall when the landlord moved the electric panel to a different room, however, I did such a fabulous job that the landlord and his brother decided to pull my patch completely out and redo the work themselves:-) I think I will stick to photography.
Well, I am planning on priming the walls tomorrow and then painting in the next day or two. After that, there are a few surprises I am installing to reach a select group (more to come later), but I am hoping to start moving in next week. I will definitely keep you posted.
Until then, here are a few photos, though I was using my wife’s point-shoot so don’t be to critical on the quality.

God Bless,



Studio in Lawton

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Well, I finally took the leap. I have been waiting for the right location to come up for a few years now, wanting to stay here in town before I opened an actual studio. I just signed a check for my first month’s rent and went to work on getting it ready to open asap. I don’t have a picture to show yet, for we have had a couple really busy days, but I promise to get some up soon. I need to hang some dry wall, paint, and get some decorating done, then we should be open for business.
Keep watching for updates, for we will be having a few specials immediately for photos with the kids and some pet photography on set days. I will write more when I can think a little more clearly:-)
Enjoy the nice weather, unless you are winter sports fans. I am sure the snow will be coming soon.

God Bless,



Sports Fever

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Winter has to be one of my favorite times when it comes to sports. Between football and college basketball, there is always something going on. I must admit, I was rooting for Baltimore this afternoon. I thought they were headed into overtime there for a minute but…….no such luck. Oh well, it was definitely a good game.
Sports isn’t the only thing going on right now. I am working on something big for the business right now, and should hopefully have it worked out this coming week. We are praying for direction before we move forward here, so we will let you know soon.
I was touching up some photos today and came across one of my favorite little 2-year-olds. She is so much fun!
Enjoy the San Francisco 49ers and NY Giants game. Go 49ers!

God Bless,




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Ever find yourself running the ‘Race of Life’ and feeling overwhelmed or all alone? I think if we are all honest with ourselves, we will find that we have all been there.
If you think back on the last time you felt that way, what was it that pulled you through? More than likely, it was someone else that came along side you to offer encouragement, to let you know that you are not in this by yourself, and that together we will finish this race.
If you are feeling overwhelmed presently, know that we are rooting for you, that we all have times where we just can’t seem to see the finish line, or worse, we feel it would be easier to just quit than to keep on track. Someone once said, ” Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize….” Keep pressing on, for it does not matter whether you cross the line first or last, but that you cross it.
For those who know others that are feeling this way, come along side them and run with them, offering them encouragement that is real. It is one thing to yell encouraging words as they run by, but an entirely different thing to run with them, encouraging them along the entire race.

God Bless,


Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead....


New Year’s Resolution

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Unbelievable….another year has come and gone. Time seems to accelerate with each passing year. As you have noticed, it seemed to escape me, since my last posting was in May of 2011.
Well, normally I am not one for New Year’s Resolutions, but I believe it is necessary here. I am going to strive to post something each week this year on my blog here. From missing the entire second half of last year, to writing each week this year, sounds like a giant step, huh? Well, I am placing it in my weekly schedule, so lets see if we can’t get to know each other a little better this year.
With a New Year comes a clean slate, or a new life. Here is a little picture from a maternity shoot we did recently in Indianapolis. I hope you enjoy the posts this year, and make sure to check us out on Facebook as well.
Happy New Year & God Bless,



Click on Wedding Video below to see a sample of our new video service we offer.

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We offer a new video service, here at Forever Always Photography, LLC, taking your favorite photos from our shoot and putting them into a video slide show for you to enjoy. Let us know what you think.

God Bless,


Wedding Video.


Girls Night Out

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In the words of Cyndi Lauper, Girls Just Want To Have Fun! It doesn’t matter if they are two years old or ninety, girls seem to like to dress up. Especially in beautiful dresses and wearing a nice tiara. Come on now, tell me it’s not your dream:-)
Well, we had five girls get their dreams to come true with a little Girls Night Out party. Nothing like a couple of hours with plenty of dresses to try on and getting your own private fashion shoot. A definitely fun time for the girls and moms. Yes, the moms even got into the action with some prom dresses, though I believe those photos are for them and their daughters eyes only.
Anyone interested in a Girls Night Out party, please feel free to contact us for more information. We cater to all ages.

God Bless,



I am ready for Spring!

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I don’t know about you, but the little tease of warmer weather we had the other week, and the beautiful sunshine this past weekend, has really got me suffering from Spring Fever. I am so pumped to get outside and have everything green up. My friends can’t wait to get their motorcycles out and ride, though I have seen some crazy guys out already in the mid 30′s. Too cold for me.
Talking with my seniors lately, I find that many of them are suffering from Senioritus very bad! Two months left, for many of them, and then on to the big world. If you are one of those seniors, know we wish you luck, and pray that God helps you as you search for direction in your future endeavors. For those seniors that are procrastinators and have waited to have your senior photos taken, it is not too late. We can still fit you in, turn around your photos ultra fast, and even make personalized Open House postcards for you to send out. Save postage and money with these, as no envelope is needed.
Why not line up a family photo during graduation time as well, with the entire family getting together to celebrate. We would be honored to help capture these special moments for you.

God Bless,


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